Essay on Classroom Management Analysis : Elementary School

Essay on Classroom Management Analysis : Elementary School

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Classroom Management Analysis:
The class I observed was a 4th/5th grade self-contained, interdisciplinary team combo class in an elementary school in which the teachers focus on combining math, language arts, and science (forensics) as much as possible. The teacher always managed to combine two topics such as math and science, or language arts and science, but he never combined the three topics. Overall, the school consists of mainly English learner student only having 5% of the students be English language learners. The class I observed had three students with identified learning disabilities who went to Resource, and another student with obvious learning disabilities whose parents would not agree to test. One student identified as gifted at the beginning of the year; during the year six students were tested for gifted and two were identified. There was one student who had serious behavior problem, but he was also one of the students with a learning disability. Finally, three students were still in the ELD program in; two of the three had learning disabilities. About twelve students were RFEP, which means they were in the ELD program in previous grades, but were able to “graduate” out.
The class I observed consisted of two Hispanics and thirty four African Americans which makes sense since the overall school demographic consists of 85% black, 12% Hispanic, 1% Filipino, and 1% pacific islander. The class only had ten male students which I found odd when I learned that 47 % of the students were male and 53% were female. After looking at other classes it made sense since most classes had close to an even amount of males and females in their classroom. The school is considered to be a Title 1 (low income) school based on the 81% of s...

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...lines that must be followed in regards to the district is not easy, but certain school sites help things seem less complicated. School sites tend to agree upon testing schedules, use of resources like computer and science lab, and which grade levels get special programs like music and dance. Most importantly teachers are expected to plan as a grade level to ensure continuity and equity; this can be a difficult task when working with another teacher in ELD, special Ed, or team teaching since it can definitely impact planning and teaching. Implementing a specific writing curriculum in the school is important because teachers are expected to show evidence of it in their classrooms. Lastly, each year the teachers choose a focus of instruction; this year it is science journals, and math practice standards which helps maintain consistence on what the students are learning.

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