Classroom : Ideal Classroom Physical Environment Essay

Classroom : Ideal Classroom Physical Environment Essay

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Ideal Classroom Physical Environment:
During the first day of school, a variety of different students enter the classroom. These students are excited and nervous, they have their parents by their sides who are observing the classroom walls and arrangement. From the minute the students enter the classroom, students are observing the classroom environment and notice the everything. Everything in the classroom needs to have a purpose, but provide a pleasant environment. When preparing and organizing the classrooms, teachers need to consider the different variables that impact the classroom. Classrooms can be disorganized if the walls are cluttered and have no meaning The organizations of the desks, the wall decorations, and the seating arrangements significantly impact the physical environments. Students are like sponges, they soak up everything that surrounds them. In the article A comparison of actual and preferred classroom environments as perceived by middle school students in the Journal of School Health stated “studies have shown that classroom environments are closely related to a number of aspects of student learning, such as student achievements, motivation, and goal achievement. Good classroom environments can promote students’ learning motivation and behavior and can affect students’ academic efficacy and adaption” (Lai, H., Chou, W., Miao, N., Wu, Y., Lee, P., & Jwo, J. 2015). As teachers it is our job to consider the variety of different things that affect students and the classroom physical environment dramatically impacts the classroom. Everything in the classroom matters and needs to be considered because our students will be surrounded by the materials that we put in our classroom.
Ideal Classroom Atmosphere:

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...e classroom. Creating a democratic classroom means having the students involved in the classroom. When it comes to the classroom teachers need to create the atmosphere and expectations. In the article Classroom misbehavior is predictable and preventable by Timothy J. Landrum, and Terrance M. Scott, which state “teachers can prevent certain behaviors by developing routines and arrangements. Teachers have great control over some things, such as the number of students engaging in a task at one time, the procedure for transitioning from one task to another, and the routine for lining up at the door”(Landrum, T. J., Scott, T. M., & Lingo, A. S. 2011). The class has a lot of unpredictable moments, but teachers have control over a small number of things such as routine and procedure. Teachers need to create a solid routine, which will allow students to know what to expect.

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