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Classical social theory tends to exclude women from the social analysis of the modern world. Consider women were not social agents. Classical social theory embodied by the work of authors such Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Simmel. In support of this, Durkheim claim that men were product of society, whereas women belonged to nature, (Harrington: 2005, p.236).feminist social to challenge the ideals of Classical social theory embraces the post-enlightenment principles, focusing on values associated to “difference”, “particularism” and “specificity” . In order to do so, feminist social theory has been fed by feminist theories, which have similar concern about the study of social world, as both highlight the absence of women's figure in modern social studies. Thus, the main key features of feminist social theory are the impact of patriarchy in society; the study of gender differences, the incorporation of different epistemology pretending to palliate social neglect toward women, and the analysis of postmodernist theories (Fulcher & Scott, 2003: 173).
Feminist social theory analyses six patriarchal structures active in United Kingdom: male violence structure, sexuality, housework, paid work, and cultural institutions.
Male violence structure is influenced by Radical Feminist theory which asserts that there is a correlation between patriarchy and sexuality, such theory assumes that male supremacy is based on controlling women’s sexuality and bodies (Brownmiller, 1976, Walby, 134). Furthermore, male-dominated sexuality provokes women oppression and such subordination is extrapolated to other areas (Walby; 1990, p. 3/118).As Crouch (2001), McKinnon (1979) and Schultz (1998) claim: sexual harassment is a way to maintain women away from male...

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...alyses social world, challenging most of the modernist assumptions of social theory (Bilton et all; 1981, p.130). Postmodernism social theory is mostly interested in methodologies based on autobiographical forms, which are related to the concern of sociology about identity, and the aim of many feminist to explore the social world of women using their own experiences (Bilton et all1981, p.130). Postmodernist approach holds that women do not to share any essential feature that categorized them as a woman. Similarly, Feminist postmodernist theory celebrates plurality, refuses to analyse women as a collective with universal traits, therefore such approach avoid to celebrate group identities such women or gay, and understand sexual identity as a not fixed or singular concept but incoherent and mutable (Theorising gender; 81/82).

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