Clash between Traditional Indian Values and Globalization Essays

Clash between Traditional Indian Values and Globalization Essays

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The Inheritance of Loss by Indian author Kiran Desai and Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter
of Maladies Kiran Desai (Desai) and Jhumpa Lahiri (Lahiri) are of Indian descent. However, they
have lived much of their lives away from the Indian sub-continent. One might be tempted to
think that their novel and short stories would be dominated by elements of Western culture,
tradition, and thought. Rather, the reverse is true in their novels. Indian tradition, culture, and
thought is prevalent in their literary works. Desai and Lahiri do not impose their opinions or
views on the readers, but they illustrate the differences that occur or can occur between
cultures, and within the same culture without criticizing either the culture of the west or the
culture of the east. Inheritance of Loss (Loss) has several themes present, however, in this
essay, the theme of globalization that Desai critiques will be the essay’s main focus along
with the theme of being caught in-between Indian culture and Western culture in Interpreter
of Maladies (Maladies). Both Desai and Lahiri do not advocate the greatness of the Indian
culture or condemn western culture totally. This paper will argue that though both works
defend traditional values that one is brought up with since birth; to a large extent, both
novels encourage the readers to have “myriad perspectives” or multiple identities when they
are stuck in an awkward situation where one is unable to choose between the culture that one
is brought up with and the new culture that ...

... middle of paper ... in which we actually live.” (Sen)
However, at the same time, Biju’s experience in the U.S. and Boori Ma’s predicament
portrays the ugly side of globalization; poor people are being constantly exploited by the rich
people for their own material benefits. Thus, as a result of globalization, the rich become
richer and the poor become poorer. How many people will consider the production of a
branded product in a third-world country? Most people will be concerned with the design and
price of the product and not the horrible working conditions in which the workers toil to
produce the branded product. An important thing to note is that people’s material needs must
be met. Thus, at one level, it can be argued that capitalism has done a better job in fulfilling
these material needs than any other system yet invented; but this success has its costs.

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