Essay on The Clash Between Native Americans And Euro American Settlers

Essay on The Clash Between Native Americans And Euro American Settlers

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The Clash between Native Americans and Euro-American Settlers
The clash between Native Americans and Euro-American or European settlers cannot be discussed in the absence of the origin and birth of the United States. In this regard, Current, Williams & Freidel (1965), provide that the US has its origins in the quickening of Europe. In essence, as Current et al. (1965) continue to assert, after Columbus’ discovery of the new world, America presented a unique opportunity for Europeans as a land of peace, abundance, security, and liberty. For purposes of coherence, this paper will limit the phrase “Europeans” to Spaniards and Englishmen. Current et al. (1965) insinuate that in the 16th century, Spain monopolized the Americas. However, the English overtook their dominion, and, for this purpose, will represent much of the discussion with regard to the conflict. According to Sage (2010), the first permanent English settlement was established in 1607, in Jamestown, Virginia. As Canterbury (2009) explains, they came into contact with Native Americans, who consisted mainly of Indian tribes such as the Iroquois. While the two entities co-existed cordially at first, it soon became clear that they were stringently incompatible. This paper will discuss the religious factors that prompted the clash between Native Americans and early Euro-American settlers.
The Portrayal of Native Americans and Euro-American Settlers
In order to comprehend the existing religious factors that led to the conflict between European settlers and Native Americans, it is of fundamental importance to fist and foremost dissect in detail, the classification of both entities. How did the Europeans present themselves to the Native Americans? What were the def...

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...ce with certainty, that the relationship between the Native Americans and the Euro-American settlers with regard to the concept of God was incompatible. From a Christian perspective, God is one, and only exists as the trinity with regard to the Son (Jesus or the Christ), and the Holy Spirit, also referred to as the Holy Ghost. In this regard, the Christian religious perspective of the creator was rigid, and very specific. In contrast, the understanding of the creator by the Native Americans encompassed the application of several gods, each performing a specified function. Additionally, the natives also believed in the existence of spirits, and this was evident in their ceremonies. The BBC (2014) states tag one such ceremony was the Sub Dance. Because of these incompatibilities, the Euro-American settlers were prompted to develop immense prejudice towards the natives.

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