Essay on Civil War : Anti Vax V. Pro Vax

Essay on Civil War : Anti Vax V. Pro Vax

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Civil War: Anti-Vax v. Pro-Vax
Andrew Wakefield, an autism researcher and graduate of St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, notoriously published a study plagued with fraudulent data in a United Kingdom medical journal in 1998, formerly known as Lancet (Rao, 2011). Wakefield, conducting a study of the long-term impacts of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, concluded that the vaccine may or may not have led to gastrointestinal problems and autism (Rao, 2011). Since no control group was established, a causal relationship could not be implied. Henceforth, a wave of dubiousness and concern has swept through the United States, with mothers teeter-toting the decision of vaccination and its possible lifelong implications. In Wakefield’s study, the sample size was extraordinarily small for the revelating, all the while equally controversial, proposal. Typically, statistical studies must have a sample size sufficient enough to allow for ten positive and ten negative outcomes. However, even this objective was impossible, due to the lack of a control group. Upon a closer examination, the results of Wakefield’s study revealed twelve children consecutively diagnosed with autism shortly after (two-ten days) MMR immunization (Almendrala, 2016). Despite the proposed protocol in Wakefield’s study, Lancet retracted the article in 2010, while finding Wakefield and his colleagues guilty of deliberate fraud, ethnical violations, and scientific misinterpretation (Rao, 2011). The repercussions of this study far outweighed, are outweighing, and will continue to outweigh the consequences delivered to Andrew Wakefield. Henceforth, thousands (if not millions) of children are being deprived of vaccines because of their mothers’ suspicion, and as ...

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...ssential compounds become toxic in excess. Luckily for the Pro-Vax individuals, the compounds toxic in copious amounts are diluted to such a level of intoxicity in vaccines. To further reinforce the CDC’s proposal, if vaccines were causing these deletious effects within the general population, scientists would have discovered and discontinued specific vaccine production by now. Furthermore, vaccines are monitored religiously during the first few stages of development, with any abberational occurences being reported and fully investigated. In short, statements made by organizations with synonymous motives to The Vaccine Resistance Movement are unmerited and unfactual. The general population shall think critically when assessing claims made by anonymous websites comparitevly to doctorated scientists at reputable, not-for-profit governmental organizations like the CDC.

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