City Civic Center : A Social Networking Mobile Application Essay

City Civic Center : A Social Networking Mobile Application Essay

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“CITY CIVIC CENTER” is a social networking Mobile application, will be used to register complaints regarding various services of municipal corporation to the municipality. This is mainly used by the citizens of city and operated by Municipal Corporation‟s admin. This system provides good and better services to register the complaints. It also provides the documents information. Using this application people can upload an image of complaints also. They can register various complaints and admin handle those complaints and give confirmation to the user. People can give feedback at any time. It can be used at any time and from anywhere. It is reliable and very efficient to use.

City Civic Center is a mobile application that will be used to register complaints regarding various services of Municipal Corporation to the municipality.

1.2 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT The project involves the development of an android application.
 User can register your complaints to municipality, for services which are provided by Municipal Corporation via Uploading picture.
 User can give your precious suggestions and feedback also.
 Users get correct information about any Document/Certificate.
 User notify via Email/SMS
1.3 PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT The aim of the project is to develop a mobile application which help the users to register complaints regarding municipality services. 1.4 EXISTING SYSTEM
 Registration of municipal complains is manual process hence if people having problems regarding that, they have to go municipal office to register it.
 Currently there is no facility of uploading image regarding problem.
 Immediate responses of the problems are difficult.
 It might be very time consuming process.
 Requires extra human efforts.
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