Cinematography Is an Integral Part of Motion Pictures Essay

Cinematography Is an Integral Part of Motion Pictures Essay

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C. Cinematography
The term cinematography is interconnected with the concept of still photography, but is an integral part of motion pictures. Within this context, Russell Carpenter’s role as the cinematographer of the film Titanic is important. For instance, his attitude towards cinematography, especially his tireless effort to attain perfection contributed to the success of the film. In the film, Carpenter’s co-operation with art department and visual effects department deeply influenced his role in the film as a cinematographer. During the production of the film, Cameron’s initial idea did not clash with Carpenter’s personal idea on cinematography. To be specific, working with Cameron was helpful for Carpenter as a cinematographer because both of them were with similar taste. In addition, Cameron’s knowledge in photography and set construction was helpful for the cinematographer. So Carpenter’s craftsmanship as a cinematographer is the most important factor behind the film’s cinematic beauty and quality.
D. Editing
Editing plays an important role because it decides which scene is to be omitted or used. Sometimes, the director decides to change the climax of the film. Within this context, editing is helpful s to overcome most of the problems. In the film Titanic, the director decided to alter the climax. For instance, in the story, Rose was not alone in the deck (say, when she threw the Heart of the Ocean into the ocean). But the director considered that presence of other people in the climax scene may hinder the communication between Rose and the viewers. So he decided to edit the climax scene in the film.
One can see that test screening and test audience plays an important role in editing. To be specif...

... middle of paper ... forced to face the disaster. In short, the film does not belong to any specific genre. Instead, the film is an amalgamation of a number of themes and can be evaluated as a historical anecdote, epic romance and a disaster film.
Summing, the most important factor behind the film’s international success is Cameron’s perfectionism and passionate attitude towards direction. In addition, the director did not limit the film to its historical context but extended the same to romance and fantasy. From a different angle of view, the director made use of the theme to communicate with the viewers and the fictional characters can be considered as his tools. Besides, ample importance is given to historical and fictional characters. In short, the amalgamation of history, fantasy and romance constituted much to the film’s importance as a historical/fictional masterpiece.

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