The Importance of Editing in Films

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“ ”. Discuss Film editing by definition is part of the creative postproduction process of filmmaking. In today’s modern world, film has made use of advanced digital technology to help with the editing. The editor or editors are usually given a complete compilation of all the footage. These various separate shots that can be regarded as ‘ raw’ footage. Their task is to create a finished motion picture through combining and selecting shots and putting them into a coherent sequence of events. Whenever we are viewing a film it is extremely difficult to consciously perceive all the editing that has been undertaken. Every single time there is a change from one image to another, this is an edit. For editors, it could be a possible annoyance or perhaps a blessing that critics and the audience never specifically point out the editor’s contribution. However it must be noted that film editors aren’t the only ones that will contribute to a films editing. In my own opinion I agree with the above statement completely. Editing will deal with all aspects related to the rhythm, such as the smooth transition from one image to another. What’s even more impressive for the early filmmakers is the limited use of technology available. This often restricted them to creating short films that were only filmed with one shot and limited by the amount of film in the camera. The only thing necessary to amuse the audience at the beginning of the ‘motion’ picture era was movement within the shot. Usually there was no real story or editing required, and thus it was hard to create a connection with the actors on screen and create a gripping film. Still though the developments and techniques by film pioneers from across the world enabled some of the earlie... ... middle of paper ... ...udience would. He would try imagine what they were thinking, and then when he started to lose focus and have thoughts of other things, he would cut. In this way he was helping the audience how long they are going to think about a certain thing. Ideally the editing of a scene would go unnoticed as it flows smoothly. This is the skill of a talented editor. They’re are many more with equally impressive artworks. The editors perhaps have one of the most vital jobs to make a good film. However it is through the contribution of all members on set to help bring the quality to a performance. Works Cited Dmytryk, Edward (1984). On Film Editing: An Introduction to the Art of Film Construction. Focal Press, Boston. Eisenstein, Sergei (2010). Towards a Theory of Montage. Tauris, London. Knight, Arthur (1957). The Liveliest Art. Mentor Books. New American Library.

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