Essay on The Church 's Doctrine Of Redemption And Grace

Essay on The Church 's Doctrine Of Redemption And Grace

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At the start of the sixteenth century, the Reformation had put an ungracious end to the dependent unification that had prevailed under the Roman Catholic Church. In response to the growing sense of corruption in the church, the reformation began. Many people began opposing views of how Christian practices were expressed, which led to the formation and spread of Protestantism. While the Pope is head of the Catholic Church, Protestantism is a general term that refers to Christianity that is not subject to papal authority. (1.)
Known for his extensive displeasure with the church, the onset of the Reformation can be recognized by the protests from the German Augustinian monk, Martin Luther. He claimed that what distinguished him from previous reformers was that while they attacked corruption in the life of the church; he went to the theological root of the problem--the falsification of the church 's doctrine of redemption and grace. (4.) Set on challenging the Church, Luther nailed a list of 95 arguments to a church door in Wittenberg; thus quickly becoming one of the first individuals to voice through the printing press and gain an audience. The posted arguments disputed the use and abuse of indulgences within the church, to include the selling of indulgences; which were believed to finance the renovations of St. Peter’s in Rome. Personages of the Church were not only granted a pardon for their sins exonerated by means of penance, but additionally were believed to have bought their way into heaven. Encouraging the abolishment of monasteries in addition to chastising the Church for the decline in the spirituality of their art was Luther’s next step. One fine example would be the painting of The Tornabuoni Chapel frescoes (1485-90). ...

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... ( Staff, 2009) Martin Luther was one of the most influential and controversial figures in the reformative movement. His actions fractured the Roman Catholic Church into new sects of Christianity and set in motion a reform within the Church. ( Editors) Additionally, today, John Calvin rests with distinct accreditation as the highest influential figurehead in the second generation of the Protestant Reformation. Henry VIII served as the connection between the Church of England and Rome and abandoning of the catholic doctrine would never been allowed. However, when it came to his son, Edward VI, obeying papal authority wasn’t his strongest quality, which led to the establishing Protestantism for England. Unsuccessful in her efforts, Mary fought for the reestablishment of Catholicism. To this day, English Church remains both Catholic and reformed.

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