Church Leadership And The Church Essay

Church Leadership And The Church Essay

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In almost any church leadership is the forefront of one understanding their congregation. In researching church leadership and the connection to the people who attend church, it becomes evident that first and foremost training is needed in the church in order to ensure great leaders, promote servanthood, hospitality, stewardship, and vision, to be able to connect with the congregation. The author in this particular research conveys a profound message to all church leaders whereby there should be a “shared power among church leadership.” Specifically this means it is going to take more than one person to guide and work the church. It has become extraordinary evident that the methodology of the leadership skills so radically needed in today’s leaders has a combination criteria that must be met in order to make a significant connection to the church congregation. First and foremost leadership should start with a purpose, not a plan. In addition, leadership should be driven by beliefs and that lead to actions. Moreover, a leader in leadership should be someone that shapes the worldview o...

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