Chronic Poverty And Its Effect On Iq, School Achievement, And Socio Emotional Functioning

Chronic Poverty And Its Effect On Iq, School Achievement, And Socio Emotional Functioning

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McLoyd’s (1998) study found the following:
“Recent research consistently reports that persistent poverty has more detrimental effects on IQ, school achievement, and socio-emotional functioning than transitory poverty, with children experiencing both types of poverty doing less well than never-poor children. Higher rates of perinatal complications, reduced access to resources that buffers the negative effects of perinatal complications, increased exposure to lead, and less home-based cognitive stimulation partly account for diminished cognitive functioning in poor children. These factors, along with lower teacher expectancies and poorer academic readiness skills, also appear to contribute to lower levels of school achievement among poor children. The link between socioeconomic disadvantage and children 's socio-emotional functioning appears to be mediated partly by harsh, inconsistent parenting and elevated exposure to acute and chronic stressors.” (McLoyd,1998, p.1). It is social injustices such as this that are holding back many Hispanic families and individuals from their full potential, as a social worker it is my job to advocate for these individuals (micro) , families (mezzo), and communities (macro). The influence of this social issue has had an enormous impact on organizations, including but not limited to The Department of Human Services, who has received more funding this year specifically to combat this injustice. “Social service agencies must have financial support to survive. They must have access to at least two types of resources, financial and personnel.” (Kirst-Ashman, 2011). Another source that is offered to childcare providers to help is grants and contracts, acquiring these can help, expand or support the socia...

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...led to social action in early childhood education, and we are just now beginning to see the start of these changes. The ecological model was able to show how links between child, home, school, peer, and neighborhood factors creates a high-powered network of relationships. These relationships influence children’s transition to school, both directly and indirectly, and were, therefore, able to lead people to take the social action necessary to demand and create change. In conclusion, the ecological theory was used to initiate and construct these new social programs and intern has begun empowering many at-risk communities across the United States. Empowering our youth in our communities is radically important for our future, also to future generations as well, we could end many deficiencies that plague America today by producing well-founded communities into the future.

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