Christmas Eve : A Christmas Day Essay

Christmas Eve : A Christmas Day Essay

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Every December and January in the United States friends and families gather to celebrate the upcoming holidays. In preparation for Christmas it is common to see lights hung on houses, Christmas trees decorated with ornaments, kids writing out their wish list to Santa Claus, and even Santa himself riding through multiple neighborhoods on a fire truck. When the New Year rolls around, it is common in the United States for friends and loved ones to stay up until midnight, gather around the television to watch the ball drop, and possibly enjoy a few celebratory drinks as well. As widely recognized as our holiday traditions are, countries in Latin America, specifically Brazil and Venezuela, have their own way of celebrating Christmas and New Years.
In Brazil, Christmas Eve is actually more commemorated than Christmas Day. Since the weather in Brazil during the Christmas holiday is usually hot, some families celebrate by going to the beach during the day. At night, it is customary for Christian families to eat dinner consisting of pork, ham, turkey, Panettone, and Brazilian nuts at around 10pm. When dinner is finished, families will attend a midnight mass, or Missa do Galo. Since pine so hard to come across in Brazil, houses are usually decorated with artificial Christmas trees which will hopefully be filled with gifts from Papai Noel, or Santa Claus. Children will often leave a sock on their windowsill before they go to sleep on Christmas Eve, and wake up to the sock being gone and a present being left by Papai Noel. Like the United States, many friends and family participate in an amigo secreto, or secret Santa. On Christmas Day everyone reveals who their amigo secreto was. Christmas Day in Brazil is usually more relaxing for familie...

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...wn as Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, where the three wise men are celebrated. Families will have another feast, and kids are showered with gifts and candies. When Three Kings Day is over, the Christmas and New Years celebrations in Venezuela have officially come to an end.
Although the United States, Brazil, and Venezuela all have different styles of celebrating around the Holiday season, it is imperative to respect those differences and realize that is what makes varying cultures so unique. Everyone has their own quirky traditions that they like to follow and that are meaningful to them. There is no right or wrong way to commemorate Christmas or New Years, and it is important to remember that celebrating one way or another does not make someone better or worse than anyone else. The holidays are a time for love and cheer, and all that matters is if everyone has fun!

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