Narrative Essay About Christmas

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Christmas is a period of time, including 25 December, when Christians remember the birth of Jesus Christ. I think Christmas is also a season of presents, joy and family getting together.
Many children believe the tradition that Santa Claus visits them with his special sleigh carried by his magical reindeer that can really fly! Santa Claus only comes when children are very well-behaved. He arrives on the night of Christmas Eve to bring presents for the children. The youngsters leave carrots for the reindeer, milk and mince pies for Santa at the fire place as he comes down the chimney to deliver his presents.
When I was young, Christmas was a time of great joy and happiness. I always made a manger from basic materials that were in the house. Two weeks before Christmas, my friends and I went carol singing and we got treats and sometimes even money. It was just like Halloween!
I never received any presents at Christmas and surprisingly, I didn’t complain about it. Instead of receiving presents, my family always helps those who are in need and people who are less fortunate at Christmas. Our family Christmas Eve was spent at the church service which lasts until midnight. Afterwards, we lit some fireworks and we placed a variety of candles all around the house to represent that Jesus is the Light of the world.
On Christmas Day, all of our family get together; we play some games. We eat the special meal which my grandmother and my mum have prepared for days. Later on, my grandparents tell different exciting stories about their own experiences in childhood.
Nowadays, I feel strongly that Christmas has lost all meaning due to commercials and the materialistic nature of society. Harrods launched their Christmas range 138 days before the...

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... sadder in this world to awake on Christmas morning and not be a child. “ Christmas is not just a children- friendly festival but it is for adults too. For them, Christmas is a time to win back the illusion of their childhood days. I am glad there are still different countries who keep Christmas as sacred and celebrating it in a traditional way.
Unfortunately I believe Christmas in future is going to be very different from what we celebrate today. Technology is growing faster every day. On Christmas Day there may be instant Christmas dinners so that no one would actually go to the kitchen to make the meal. There will be very few people who are religious, churches will shut down and we won’t be hearing any festive Christmas carols, nativity plays and Santa Claus might not even exist in a child’s mind. If this were to happen, the world would be a poorer place.
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