Essay on China: A World Without Sovereign Rights

Essay on China: A World Without Sovereign Rights

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Growing up in an American society citizens tend to take for granted the freedom and other personal liberties that are granted in their Constitution. Even though most Americans acknowledge that they are fortunate, it does not mean that other nations should limit their people's rights. China is one example of a nation that displays civilian limitation. China's constitution outlines specifically their people's civil liberties, granting them more freedom than the American Constitution provides. Most of these rights are either neglected or repressed (Bradsher, 2009). The Chinese government needs to omit corruption and make longer strides in their attempt to provide better rights for their citizens. Chinese citizens are becoming more aware of human right abuses, and the People's Republic of China can only prolong the issue for so much longer.
A major cause for the insufficient human rights that structures China's society is their incompetent judicial system. Lying within their system of justice is a dense proportion of corruption. There is no enforcement that keeps the government from neglecting their constitution and other written laws giving agencies and people within, the ability to do as they please. The results are black prisons that are used as a secret place to detain parlous criminals. Many of the captives are there for miniscule crimes; others did not even commit the crime. The methods of such prisons are to take the accused person and beat a confession out of him, as in Qin Yanhong's case. “On the fourth day, he broke down. 'What color were her pants?' they demanded. 'Black,' he gasped, and felt a whack on the back of his head. 'Red,' he cried, and got another punch. 'Blue,' he ventured. The beating stopped.” (...

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