Essay on Children 's Immune System For Children

Essay on Children 's Immune System For Children

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There are many parents today who are forced into vaccinate their children. Parents should not be required to vaccinate their children if they do not wish to for the reason vaccination can lead to future health conditions to the child. Studies have shown a vaccine could cause difficulties in the developmental growth of the child which could eventually lead to death. The children 's immune system is not prepare to fight all the disease, which are being exposed to when given the vaccine. The child has to be fully develop in order to be administered the vaccine by the doctors. Even though “today, in some areas of the United States more than 30 vaccines are being given to young children before the age of 3. When you inject so much mercury and so much other toxic material directly into the bloodstreams of vulnerable young children,…”(Snyder “Vaccines Cause Autism”). The vaccinations given to the children may contain an excessive amount of the dose administered through these injections. Not every child’s immune system is the same yet the doctors continue to install similar amounts of the dosage to each child. This is where a series of health complications arise in the child such as allergies, autism, and slow development of brain. A child is the one who is most vulnerable to an allergic reaction due to dose administered, he or she is not be able to communicate the pain he or she is experiencing. The child cannot speak at this age and will not able to communicate to anyone so he or she would most likely die if the problem is not detected on time. Also vaccinations are administered to the patients and most are unaware of what the doctors is injecting into them. Mercury is used to produce certain vaccination, which is a chemical that in tim...

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...nations”). Children who cannot receive these vaccination will miss out on their education in order to practice, respect and follow their spirituality. This is not fair for both parents and children because most people are financially stable will not be able to afford homeschool. The loop hole will be the homeschooled children because they will still be around the rest of the population. The majority of children will be vaccinated against their willing because the government has chosen the area where people have no options. The government might be trying to prevent epidemic disease but among the way is violating the right to practice a religion. Right now religion is violated in the school, but one never knows what else could be at risk. Finally, childhood vaccination should not be required because the children will not be able to keep and practice their spirituality.

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