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Children 's Home Society Of Florida Essay

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With a purposeful and large heart, Children’s Home Society of Florida opened in 1902 with a goal to aid orphaned children. Quickly the multitude of services of the non-profit organization expanded in hopes of aiding children who have been affected by abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and their families to be given the tools to succeed. According to Children’s Home Society (2014), their vision is to become a leader not only within the state of Florida, but nationally in providing qualitative solutions for the needs of children and families. The mission statement captures their dedication; “Embracing children. Inspiring Lives” (Children’s Home Society, 2014). As an organization their values include services that are intentional in quality, stewards of diligence for resources either program established or located, providing ethical work and service, respecting those served, promoting innovation for community solutions, and supporting cultural diversity. In 2014, Children’s Home Society of Florida touched more than 88,000 lives in various programs and across the state (Children’s Home Society, 2014). Of the many programs available, the most substantive is their work as case management organizations in child welfare.
Organizing Privatization
As a child welfare professional for Children’s Home Society of Florida within Seminole County, there are a host of associated complications to navigate due to the privatization and hierarchy of child protection services. As an umbrella of coverage the Department of Children and Families dictates purpose, reach, and limitations for interventions on behalf of children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned for the entire state of Florida. A lead agency contract is controlled by the state enti...

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...ling and paralleling the desirable behaviors and ethical outcomes. Child welfare can be an emotionally draining and disheartening field; however, it is the moral compass and drive paralleled by leadership that truly motivates Case Managers to be the change agents needed.
With the complexities of the system of care, leadership within Children’s Home Society of Florida is less about dictating and more about transforming and influencing positive outcomes for children and families. It is through Transformational Leadership that leaders develop goals that followers realize and surpass in performance due to willingness and satisfaction in the work done (Popa, 2012). Child welfare is a lifestyle rather than a task filled job, and it is in Transformational Leadership that ethical and moral compasses are echoed in order to produce successful social work practice.

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Children 's Home Society Of Florida Essay

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