Childhood Obesity : A Huge Problem For The United States Essay examples

Childhood Obesity : A Huge Problem For The United States Essay examples

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Taking a trip to the movies or the mall, have you ever noticed how many fast food restaurants were passed just on the way there? Try to count the next time you do, and the numbers might scare you. In North Carolina alone, there are 497 McDonalds restaurants. That is a lot of Big Macs (My Local McDs). With numbers like that, it is no wonder that childhood obesity has become such a huge problem for the United States’ future generations. Childhood obesity is caused by not paying attention to the nutritional content of the meal, a child’s environment, and the availability and easiness of getting fast food.
When someone goes and orders a meal from a fast food restaurant, there is hardly ever anything healthy for them. Granted, when someone goes to a fast food restaurant, a healthy choice is probably the last thing on his or her mind. Even if their food choice is lower in calories than others options, it still could contain tons of sodium. The “healthier” options such as a chicken wrap at McDonalds hold the same calorie and sodium content next to a Big Mac. The meal would not complete without french fries and a drink; and when an upgrade for a larger drink and fry size is only fifty cents or more, America wonders why we are obese (McDonalds Nutrition website).
However McDonalds is starting to help try to overcome obesity by adding the calorie content on their menus, in really small print. Even the drive thru menu has the calorie count on them, but when ordering at a drive thru, nobody is going to stop and tries to find the lowest calorie food. Usually their mind is already made up what they were going to order while waiting in the drive thru line. Nobody walks in to a McDonalds and wants to eat healthy. People go in ...

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... from the harmful truths about our future generations. Obesity can lead to many health risks later on down the road. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and even death are possible. Some television networks such as TLC have come out with shows called, “My 600 Pound Life”. These shows are broadcasted to inform the general public that overeating and eating out a lot can seriously lead to bigger consequences down the road. Majority of the people that star on the show cannot even get out their own beds. Their families are forced to take care of them. If it is already happening now, and the word gets out and people see the future that can lie ahead for them, maybe they will become more conscious about what they are eating. Hopefully, they would rub off their new lifestyle habits of eating healthy on to their children and childhood obesity can be overcome.

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