Childhood Expectancy Of Aging Adults Essay

Childhood Expectancy Of Aging Adults Essay

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The life expectancy of aging adults has increased therefore; the need for counseling psychologist to provide services to this population has become more prevalent now than ever before. Due to physical and psychological decline, dependency issues, unexpected loss of employment, societal consequences and death are all challenges that older adults face throughout the aging process. This chapter highlights the growing issues that older adults often face.
The authors, Hill, Thorn & Packard (2008) gave a brief outlook of both theoretical and empirical literature reviews of how older adults view themselves along with challenges that they may encounter. He mentioned ways in which psychologist can become more efficient in accommodating such population and provided recommendation for interventions and future research that is needed. Throughout the chapter, two theoretical models were introduced which explained the decline in performance due to aging. These models were applied to help create a general framework to conceptualize the culture, normative issues that were associated with aging and how today psychologist can assist this population effectively and provide recommendations for future research.
To help convey pertinent issues and counseling strategies three different vignettes that postulated the changes that older people experiences, either loss of memory, need for dependency or career issues were shown as a part of normal aging. Through two different theoretical models aging differed on how the individual viewed themselves as oppose to their natural ability to function and how mental health professionals can benefit with these models.
Baltes Selective optimization with compensation theory (SOC) provided information rela...

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...lying a general framework to clients and intervention strategies and gave examples on ways psychologist can become more efficient in counseling. It was noticed that resources were outdated, but information could still be applied when working with the elderly community. On the other hand, the chapter also lacked pertinent information such as; there were mention of empirical support regarding continuity theory, but no supporting data such as number of people tested and results of data found. Studies conducted, appeared to be biased due to the fact that a controlled group of older people were tested for wisdom, but no mention of their educational level. There were no information of the validity of the assessment tools or how does it apply to all races. In addition, resources were outdated not providing current information on therapeutic approach or treatment methods.

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