Essay on Child Abuse and Neglect

Essay on Child Abuse and Neglect

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The topic of child abuse is one of the hardest topics to write about. It is imperative to have a profound understanding of this topic and its consequences specially when working in the field of human services. Professionally and personally, I have encountered situations where child abuse is present. This reality has touched my life in many ways and these experiences continue shaping me as a human being and as social service provider. I will try to cover in this paper the subject of child abuse, its definitions, and the scope of the problem and the proper prevention of it.
First it all it would be important to define some terms related to child abuse. It is imperative to have a common understanding of the many terms related to it. The topic of child abuse has many complexities and certainly it creates strong emotions on people when talking or dealing with it. Generally speaking it seems there is confusion in regards of the terms of abuse and neglect. According to the “Child Neglect: A Guide for Prevention, Assessment and Intervention chapter 2” neglect is the most common type of child maltreatment in the United States. Neglect could be defined to the failure of providing for the basic needs or care of a person. Unfortunately society has minimized the effects neglect and many adults give less important of attention to this type of abuse in children. The effects of neglect can be just as damaging as the effects of other types of abuse on children and especially on those whose brains are in the early stages of development.
One the biggest challenges in regards of the definition of neglect are that it varies amount social service professionals, justice system, the medical community and even across the different juris...

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