The Chernobyl Of Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Essay

The Chernobyl Of Chernobyl Nuclear Accident Essay

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The Chernobyl nuclear accident was an accident that had many repercussions and caused many to doubt nuclear power across the world. Chernobyl was caused by many events that lead to the eventually melt down of one of the reactors. There have been many studies on why the Chernobyl nuclear power plant melted down. Some say it was from design flaws with the RBMK reactor. Others say it was due to lack of employee training and lack of knowledge on how to safely and properly run the plant. And also it may have been because there was a lack of safety measures implemented and those that were, were not properly followed. What ever it was that caused the accident, all of thoughts on why the reactor exploded, tie into the three engineering accident theories. The three theories are the HRO, which stands for High Reliability Organization, then the NAT, Natural Accident Theory, and finally the Social-Technical Theory.
In 1986 when the accident took place the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapsing. Those who had power did not want to share their power. High officials were not willing to share information with many workers of their companies. This proved to be catastrophic, many f the workers in Chernobyl were not properly trained on what to due and how to run the reactor especially in case of an emergency.
Some background and information on these “theories.” HRO, stands for High Reliability Organization. An HRO is not a specific organization, but any organization that believes and follows certain guidelines on how they are managed and ran. HRO 's believe that in the right environment and situation with the right people operating, that failure will not happen. In HRO 's employees are properly and thoroughly trained. These organ...

... middle of paper ... The RBMK type reactor was a multipurpose reactor with the ability to produce energy and also weapon grade plutonium so there was thought to be a lack of specialization in the reactor so It could not preform efficiently. Another thought was because many were not trained properly on procedures to operate the reactor. The last thought was that the safety protocol was lacking and was not able to sufficiently shut down the reactor in case of a melt down. As a matter of fact the meltdown and destruction of the RBMK reactor in Chernobyl was caused by all of the initial theories that investigators looked at. A short 5 years after the Chernobyl disaster the Soviet Union collapsed and broke apart and became many countries including Russia and other countries in eastern Europe. The Chernobyl disaster killed all belief the people of the Soviet Union had in their government.

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