Essay about Characters in The Dead Poet's Society

Essay about Characters in The Dead Poet's Society

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There are many types of people in this world. Some are out going, loud and brave, some are quiet and observant and the rest are just crazy. How does one change who they are? That's easier said than done. A lot of situations can change a person though, I call them lessons learned in life. If a girl got her heart broken because her boyfriend cheated on her, she will hate men and not trust them or give herself wastefully to anybody. That is an example of a scar that a lot of individuals experience in their lives. But because of a such situations we change. A person's personality is who they are, it makes them different in their own way. If every one was the same, then the world would be one boring place. We were created in God's image and his image only, but yet every person is different. No person on this earth is like another. We may be very similar, have a lot in common, but never the same.
The Dead Poet's Society movie shows a lot
of different types of people. Neil Perry is the crazy kind. He loves to do new things, come up with ideas and take action. He has no reasoning for what he does, except his passion, acting. Even with his dad blocking his life, he tried out for the play and realized for a fact that acting is his love and an actor is who he wants to be. Professor Keeting; he is similar to Neil, but organized. He knows his routine in teaching and finds more creative ways to make the boys understand poetry. He didn't care about the rules and cared about his students. He taught in Welton Academy because he loved teaching, no matter how far away London was. Then there was Knox Overstreet. He fell in love with a girl named Chris from the first time he saw her and never gave up on his love. He believ...

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... still came out. He obviously has never dealt with death, so he could only do one thing that came naturally to him, go to isolation and just be by himself.
He ended up being a new person. Todd was an example rather then the leader after Keepling left. He was the one who stood up on the desk and showed Keepling that he sees the world or at least his teacher from a different point of view. The leader in him screamed out for a difference and respect. He made his point by action; telling us that words are not everything, which the professor taught them while he was there.
Different situations change people, people change others. We don't necessarily have to change, but we do need to know who we are. We need to know who influences us and what can change us. Defining our personality and the reasons behind it is the first part to find out who we are in and out.

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