Creativity In Dead Poets Society

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Dead Poets Society is a classic film that surveys some of the most important factors in education. Following several students and their English teacher Mr. Keating, the movie displays the importance of free thought and living a unique and bold life. Through Mr. Keating’s lessons, the students learn the importance of following what they love and resisting the authority that prevents them loving what they do. The film is mainly focused on being different and creative and societies fear of creativity and change and the consequences of this ideological battle. Mr. Keating’s unconventional classroom was focused on turning his students into people who thought for themselves and weren’t afraid of their own creativity. On the first day of class,…show more content…
Keating goes above and beyond at developing the minds of his students, including helping Todd find the poet within himself, and supporting Neil when Neil’s father didn’t want Neil to act. Overall, Mr. Keating and his actions pushed the ideas of creativity and self-thought throughout the film. The other place we saw concepts of creativity and self-thought was with the students. Neil Perry, one of the students, takes special interest in Mr. Keating’s teachings and pushes his friends to recreate the Dead Poets Society that Mr. Keating was in during school. From this point, the students started to resist the rules of the school and “seize the moment”. Neil began acting, Knox went after the girl he loved, and Charlie began resisting the administration of the school. The students really started showing what happens when people think for themselves and do what they…show more content…
First, all great teachers strive to make a connection to their students like how Mr. Keating did. I believe that to make students do great things, teachers must have a relationship with the students. If I want to have a successful teaching career, I must shape minds like Mr. Keating, and not be an authoritarian like Mr. Nolan or the other administration. Obviously, the result of the movie is extremely sad and not ideal, I believe students should be taught to think for themselves and taught to keep learning throughout life. Although society may be resistant, I must help students become self-determining people who stand up for what is right, and aren’t afraid of going against the status quo. As the movie shows, sometimes the fate of teachers who do this is grim. Yet, I still believe that it is a teacher’s duty to give students the resources to be their own people. True change in this world can only happen if teachers are fostering a classroom of personal growth and acceptance. I am focused on making sure I urge my future students to leave their mark and seize the day. Although I may not do it in such a dramatic way as Mr. Keating, I hope that all the students that leave my classroom will feel confident that they can take on the world, and life self-fulfilled
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