Characteristics Of The Crime Scenes And The Victims Essay example

Characteristics Of The Crime Scenes And The Victims Essay example

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Holmes and Holmes developed this typology based on various characteristics of the crime scenes and the victims themselves of 110 interviews of selected offenders and serial murders (Canter & Wentink, 2004). David Canter and Natalia Wentink conducted an empirical test of this typology and developed several criticisms to their work. Their empirical test concluded that the features described for each category tend to co-occur within each other. For example, the characteristics of a lust killer include a controlled crime scene, evidence of torture, the body being moved, a specific type of victim, no weapon left at the crime scene, and rape; all of these features are also included for the thrill killer. This makes it difficult to categorize these features when they are discovered at a crime scene. They also do not offer a mixed typology for offenders who display characteristics from multiple categories. The study also revealed that evidence of visionary characteristics were present in less than 30% of the visionary murder cases from this study (Canter & Wentink, 2004). The study also determined that power control serial killer descriptions were similar of all serial killers in general, not just power and control killers (Canter & Wentink, 2004). The study does offer a way to further benefit typologies and the authors suggest developing a typology based on the consistent characteristics of known offenders, rather than victims and crime scene characteristics (Canter & Wentink, 2004).
Cameron Greeting and Scott Culhane also completed a revision of the Holmes and Holmes typology and developed several other criticisms. They were also concerned with the fact that Holmes and Holmes did not offer a multiple typology killer. They offer a new ...

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... been made to classify this rare breed of people. The attempts to classify the female serial killer face the same criticisms as other typologies. Further research should be conducted on constructing typologies that focus on offender characteristics rather than crime scene characteristics. It has been proven that relying on interpretations of crime scene evidence can lead to biases when searching for the offender. Also, it is often the case that different investigators can interpret the same piece of evidence differently, which can lead to complications in the investigation. To successfully classify serial killers, a typology must be developed that can assist law enforcement officials on focusing on the offender’s behavior when he is and when he is not committing murder. His interactions with people whom he does not murder may shape his interactions with his victims.

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