Argument Anlysis of What Makes a Serial Killer by La Donna Beaty

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La Donna Beaty clearly States in her argument, ?What Makes a Serial Killer?? her opinion and different theories on what causes a human being to become a serial killer. Beaty states that there are many serial killers and victims of them, but she is unsure about what causes a person to become a serial killer. Furthermore, she asked many questions, but there was no definite answer. For example, using examples of serial killers including Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy, but only to draw up more questions. However, she wrote many expert opinions too, using them to her advantage in proving her argument, and giving a statement from a respected author and expert on serial killers named Ann Rule (pg315). Rule states that 3,500 to 5,000 people become victims of serial killers. She also states that 350 serial killers are at large in our society (pg315). Additionally, Beaty also presents an early theory that was completely incorrect. This was about how to identify a serial killer by looks. Beaty then gave her expertise by stating that a serial killer could look like or be anything they choose to become. They are most likely to be males and 92 percents are white (pg316). No doubt, that she appeals to logos by providing evidence about general characteristics of serial killers she quotes that in 1911, an Italian criminologist Cesare Lombrosco concluded that ?murderers as a group [are] biologically degenerate [with] bloodshot eyes, aquiline noses, curly black hair, strong jaws, big ears, thin lips, and menacing grins?.

In addition, Beaty also claims that a violent society was the cause of many people becoming serial killers. The reason that Beaty suggests that a violent society is a motive for people to become serial killers is because culture finds violence acceptable and tends to approve it in many circumstances. She also present statistical research done in 1970, which shows that one out of every four men and one out of every five women believed that it was appropriate for a husband to hit his wife under certain situations. Obviously, she appeals to pathos in this paragraph by bringing up the experts feeling about children ?The experts feel that children demonstrate increasingly aggressive behavior with each violent act they view? (pg317).

Another theory Beaty used was that family context can be one of the causes that makes a person a serial killer. She stated ?Most killers state that they experienced psychological abuse as children and never established good relationships with the male figures in their lives?.
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