The Characteristics Of Social Development Essay

The Characteristics Of Social Development Essay

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Social competence can be defined as how one forms and maintains relationships with others (Underwood, Rosen, 2013). Other definitions include an individual’s ability to get along with other people, and knowing what is expected and acceptable for social interactions (Illinois Early Learning Project, 2015). Progress in the characteristics of social development in the preschool years leads to social competence (Frost, Wortham & Reifel, 2010). People who possess the social, emotional, and intellectual skills and behaviours needed to succeed as a member of society are said to be socially competent. Below the behaviours and skills of socially competent people will be further examined. As well as examples of children who have displayed social interactions and social competency skills.
As mentioned in a previous answer, social development starts at birth. Babies interact with the people around them, by being able to respond to voices, crying to let caregivers know they need something, by making eye contact and smiling at those who hold them, feed them, or play with them. Preschool children have more social interactions with peers and teachers this influencing a child’s development of social competence (Illinois Early Learning Project, 2015 & Frost, Wortham & Reifel, 2010).
Social competence uses a set of positive skills necessary to get along well with others and function constructively in groups (Frost, Wortham & Reifel, 2010). These skills include, respecting and expressing appreciation for others, working and communicating well with others, listening to others’ ideas, demonstrating behaviour that is accepted by society, and ability to resolve conflict using appropriate skills (Urban Institute, n.d). Typically, a child goes through co...

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... I learned this by observing children throughout the weeks of camps in previous summers who appeared to be socially competent and what strategies worked well when outside members wanted to join a game.
Social competence is an important function that children learn throughout early childhood. Children who have a wide repertoire of social skills and who are socially aware and perceptive are likely to be socially competent. Parents are the primary source of social and emotional support for children during the first years but in later years peers begin to play a significant role in a child’s social-emotional development. In addition to parents and peers interactions a child’s own thoughts, feelings, and attitudes may influence their social behaviour (Children 's Health, n.d). In conclusion, social competence is important for a child’s social development through life.

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