The Characteristics Of Existentialist Thought Essays

The Characteristics Of Existentialist Thought Essays

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III. The aim of this essay is to clearly distinguish the characteristics of existentialist thought and demonstrate whether belief in God amounts to inauthentic escapism. Existentialist thought comes from the philosophical concept of existentialism. Notably, Existentialism is a philosophical approach that emphasizes mostly on individual existence, choices and freedom. The viewpoint of this philosophy is that humans describe their own purpose in life while trying to make rational decisions even though we live in an irrational world. It comes with various characteristics, which distinguish it from other types of thought.
First, this type of thinking lies in people who are rarely straightforward in their writings and opinions. Such people prefer hiding under layers of irony and pseudonyms. Therefore, it is clear that one aspect of existentialist thought lies in some form of secrecy. One such person who had similar thought was the Danish philosopher, Kierkegaard (Rosenstand p. 490). Second, people who do not belong to any school of thought characterize this type of thought. Actually, such people are normally associated with superficial nature, extreme academic excellence, and remoteness from the actual truth about life (Rosenstand p. 494). Third, proponents of this type of thought believe that humans are solely responsible for their personal actions and are free to undertake such actions.
In essence, it recognizes that humans ought to rise above the normal absurd condition of humanity. Instead, they should exercise utmost freedom and choice oriented decision-making (Rosenstand p. 493). Lastly, as Kierkegaard recognized, rationality is the main instrument for humans to oppose their existential anxiety (Rosenstand p. 495). We live in a ...

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...ay appear immoral. For instance, there are various wars across the world today and soldiers may be unjustly involved in such fights just because they were chosen based on courage. However, that does not mean they are morally acceptable to the society. Perhaps, one other weakness would be the question as to whether there really is a specific human function as anticipated by Aristotle.
In my judgment, I do not believe the kind of life that Aristotle advocated for is possible in present-day American society. The reason relies on the fact that the United States has reached a very high level of developed democracy where individuals know their rights. Furthermore, the contemporary world has introduced a complicated mixture of generations with varying interests. Therefore, it would be very difficult to impose certain virtues on people when they know what is right for them.

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