Essay on The Characteristics Of A Successful Student

Essay on The Characteristics Of A Successful Student

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What are the characteristics of a successful student? While the definition of "successful student" is changing over the years, youth knowledge nowadays must be broaden much more than just writing, reading and mathematics in order to succeed. To get into healthcare you need endeavor the concept of studying. To me it 's more than studying, its an experience. While you pursue your academic career you can become effective in your task and time management. Academics will set you up with both the knowledge and the mindset to gain that experience. To have a desire to be successful and to be considered as intrinsically motivated,socially proficient and goal oriented is not only building your character but strengthening your perception in life. Academics is both learning like books, chemistry, biology and also reasoning and problem solving skills. Only the medical field can pull so many varying academic disciplines together under one humanitarian goal: the treatment, prevention and cure of the sick and disabled. The breadth of knowledge and skills that a career in medicine demands, allows me to adapt my college academic interests in both chemistry and economics to further advance my passion and stake in the field of nursing.
Motivation is a process that account an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Furthermore, motivation can be a technique to encourage people so that they can perform their work more efficiently towards achievement or milestone. The world we live in today is busier and takes more of our attention than any of the previous generations would have ever imagined. Consider your daily responsibilities, then add the current technology to that mixture, and you are ultimately left...

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...estyle. With Gandhi’s teaching and actions being learned in our present society, some people today do not only seek materialistic possessions but additionally compassion, tranquility and truth.
Gandhi was the pebble and his words and actions were the ripples in the pond. He was a paramount that influenced people to make changes within the world. Following Gandhi by example would be my first step to make changes within myself and hoping others will follow my footsteps to make that transmutation in our world. We have to be the pebble in the pond that causes the ripples in our current society. Emboldened by these enlighten words from the Great Mahatma Gandhi, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” I will put faith into myself and into others who will make and made that change.

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