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Character vs. Triumph Essay examples

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The scale from which to judge one’s character is not as important as the scale from which to judge one’s success. It is easy to judge people by how they act. Obviously, honest and genuine people gain popularity at a much more rapid pace that those that are dishonest and rude. Although coming into power is a popularity contest, maintaining power is quite the opposite. Niccolo Machiavelli taught his people that in order to maintain power you must conspire and be sneaky; however, this was an idea that was not highly accepted at that time. In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar many conspire, some fall to power and fail, and a handful fall to power and are actually successful. Though controversial, Machiavelli’s perception of leadership is proved numerous times throughout Julius Caesar to be a prosperous idea that when followed correctly by being an excellent judge of character, taking part in parsimony, and thinking ambitiously will lead to success.
It is apparent that Julius Caesar is too fickle, generous, and of good character to be thought a good Machiavellian leader. “Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. / He thinks too much. Such men are dangerous” (1.2.204-205). Machiavelli would be ecstatic to see Caesar saying this. Machiavelli wants leaders to be a good judge of character (Fears). Caesar is not just taking Cassius by what he is saying, he is questioning his honesty by how he looks and acts too. In this aspect, Caesar is a great Machiavellian leader. But, he is easily swayed when Antony tells him that actually he should not worry and that Cassius is not that bad of a guy. So Caesar believes him. Caesar was right in questioning Cassius’s character but he was too easily swayed when one of his subjects told him otherwise. ...

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... especially think, When a leader first comes into a position of power they should eliminate any possible competition or threat. Cassius followed this idea exactly, thus proving that he is the best Machiavellian leader.
Machiavelli’s idea of leadership is proven throughout Julius Caesar to be, when followed correctly, the most successful method of leading. Throughout the play Julius Caesar, people come to power and only a few succeed; although, even the most successful Machiavellian leader had a tragic flaw that eventually led to his downfall. Machiavelli’s idea of leadership was controversial in his time, but nowadays it is proven many times to be successful. But just because these leaders are successful doesn’t mean that they are loved or even decently liked. Be wary of judging those that are not liked, because they are most likely the most successful.

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