Character Analysis : ' Death Of A Salesman ' Essay

Character Analysis : ' Death Of A Salesman ' Essay

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Character and their relationships
Elements like characterization and their relationship are on of the main points that help the reader to understand more about the work. Through this relationship, the reader can comprehend the conflicts of the play, since the characters play different roles in each other’s lives. The characters are usually connected in different ways, such as emotional and physical. These relationships can be brother and sister, mother and daughter, or father and son. In “Death of A Salesman,” by Arthur Miller the relationship between Willy Loman and his sons, Biff and Happy, allow Miller to comment on the father-son relationship and conflicts that arise from them. In “The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams shows the relation between Amanda and her children, Laura and Tim.
Miller’s play “Death of A Salesman” shows a father-son relationship, with his sons Biff and Happy. In most cases, it is the oldest son that is being favored while the younger son is ignored. Usually, the father does not realize that he is picking a favorite; he simply gets caught up in the successes of the oldest and does not try to leave out of it. Throughout the novel, Willy makes references on how wonderful Biff is and he never pays enough attention to Happy. Willy constantly shows favoritism and true love to one of his sons, while his other son is left behind. As Willy shows truly favoritism in Biff, he takes this advantage of that and his dad becomes his role model as compared to Biff, the younger son Happy was really never important to Willy, eventually creating a more negative relationship. Miller is able to give an example of this behavior through the actions of Willy Loman. As the play continues Willy’s favorite relationshi...

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...nsecure about her leg and is anxious about meeting men. If Amanda had stopped doing that, Laura would not be that insecure and anxious about her. Laura and Amanda’s relationship is also a combination of enabling and disabling based on the denial problem. Since Amanda is not willing to intervene on her daughter, she eventually gives up and eventually stops treating Laura as a child and does not longer promises to have an untruth future.
The relationship in the characters of both plays truly shows how a parent truly loves their children and how easily the love can become negative in their relationship. ”The death of A Salesman” characters create a favoritism relationship and the dad becomes a hero for one of his sons and another one is always ignored. In “The Glass Menagerie” Amanda does not accept the reality and creates conflict with the relationship of her daughter.

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