Father and Son Bond

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A father is supposed to support and love his son no matter what obstacles he may face. A father is a role model for his son. A father is supposed to teach his son his mistakes so his son doesn’t have the same life. In Fences, by August Wilson Cory is Troy’s son, and they have a very complicated relationship. Troy is not a role model for Cory and he is not the perfect parent. Cory plays football but his father is the only person stopping him from pursuing his dreams of playing football professionally. Their relationship is strained as a result of them wanting different things. Troy is pragmatic while Cory is naïve. Cory is persistent in pursuing his dream while Troy gives up on his, which makes him bitter. Both men are independent and stubborn, yet they make different choices in life. Troy and Cory have different views on life which causes them to disagree on practically everything. Cory wants his father to sign a paper that will allow a recruiter to look at him play football. Troy tells Cory that he needs to work instead of play, so he will not sign Cory’s paper. Troy is upset a...
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