Essay about Challenges Facing United States Of America

Essay about Challenges Facing United States Of America

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The American auto industry has flourished ever since it’s uprising in the spring of early 1990s.although the print for the the modern auto mobile was perfected in Germany and france in the late 1880s,American,s dominated the industry in the first half of the twentieth century .henry ford innovation mass production, techniques that became standard with ford, general motors and Chrysler emerging as the big three auto companies by the 1920 -1991 .but the industry has always been one of the leading industries for environmental issues and hazards around the world ,especially in the united states.

Firstly ,the American industry is subject to global stated earlier ,the auto mobile was first perfected in Germany and france .in 1995,the united state and japan made a trade agreement that provided more dealer out let s and allow easier replacement part selling in each others countries .this now make auto part and auto replacement parts for Japanese cars easier to access in united states and vice visa .besides ,not only does this provide for more jobs in the united states .,but also provide the Japanese job in the auto industry.

Moreover , it increases the global competition .japanese automotive manufacture include Toyota ,honda ,dahatsu, Nissan Suzuki,,mazda ,Mitsubishi ,Subaru, isuzu, kwasaki, Yamaha, and mitsuoka. All this cars are in japan have won the European car of the year ,international car of the year and world car of the year many times .during the 1990s japan has produced some of the world,s most affordable ,reliable safe and popular the year 2000 japan became the the largest car producing nation in the world ,although south korea, china and indi...

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...rgest share of environmental impact during the manufacturing of automobiles.

Techniques like in -mold painting’ can reduce discharge of hazardous material such as nickel, copper ,and hexavalent chromium into the atmostphere. advancement in paint and coating chemistry ,as well as reductions in the amount of the materials used would lead to substantial decreases in the negative environmental impacts that currently characterize auto manufacturing .interestingly, gas emission result from America,s dependence on foreign oil and the fact that government have not fully popularized not oil or gas car at large much like electric cars .the oil alone affect the economy as the oil business is the richest industry in the world.

But there are rules requiring American made cars and light to average 34.5mpg .

Finally, customers want higher fuel efficiency in their cars and trucks

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