Cell Phones : The World 's Greatest Invention Essay

Cell Phones : The World 's Greatest Invention Essay

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In recent decades, the cell phone has been an invention used by the world. Nowadays it is very unlikely if an individual doesn’t own a cell phone.  In today’s society the demand for cell phones on the market is at an all-time high. However, having a cellphone hurts you more than it helps you. The invention of the cell phone is the world’s greatest invention that significantly impacted us in a negative way. Cell phones ultimately cause cell phone addiction, cyber bullying, and texting and driving which are dangerous to everyone around us.
Although cell phones are a great invention, humans don 't realize how distracting they are, especially teenagers. Teens are constantly up at night looking at their phones texting and going on social media. The use of cell phones in today’s society has caused many people around the world to have an addiction. Being on your cell phone can be very satisfying and may cause a bad habit on your life style. This, causing lack of sleep makes it hard for kids to pay attention in school or whatever activity they are doing the following morning. For a healthy life style, teenagers between the ages of 14-17 need at least 8-10 hours of sleep, but with them being on a cell phone at night lowers the amount of sleep they get. Even though teenagers can keep in touch with one another without actually going face to face, it is a major problem that they are so distracted they won 't even sleep at night. Even though you are on social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the greater the extent of you being on your phone takes away the time you have with your social life. Studies show that as you are on your phone all the time, you do not realize but you begin to isolate from everyone else.
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...dia. But this is still an issue and it was in the past. And many users of the social media used their smartphones to access websites. Cyber Bullying is a tremendous negative impact on why the invention of the cell phone was a critical invention.
Even the cell phones have grown to be one of the most magnificent inventions of all time, they affect the minds of people in so many serious ways. Cell phone use while driving while driving causes about 1.6 million accidents a year. The invention of cell phones has caused many people out there, mostly teens to be addicted to them which takes away a lot of their sleep time. Teen suicides are mostly by cyber bullying and if it wasn’t for the invention of the cell phone there would not be any cyber bullying in the first place. The invention of the cell phone is the worlds’ greatest invention that affected us in a negative way.

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