Texting And Driving: The Dangers Of Driving While Driving

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Dangers of Driving While Texting At any given moment, one in five drivers around are texting on their phone while driving(Scholastic Action 2010). Cell phones have created a huge problem in America. Nearly 100 percent of vehicles have a cell phone in the car while driving, often times in arms reach. Crashes caused by distracted drives kill thousands of innocent people every year. In todays society Americans cannot go without a cell phone for several minutes. For instance in classes many students are on their phone before class starts. Driving distorted is very dangerous. I will tell you straightforward I catch myself texting and answering phone class while driving often. Because driving distorted is such a problem, writing this paper will…show more content…
The biggest problem is young adults and teenagers when you are young you think nothing will happen to you. In 2009 a study found that physically dialing a phone while driving increase the risk of a crash as much as six times(consumer reports 2011). When texting and talking on the phone it takes ones eyes off the road which causes you to be driving blind. In the society we live in today no one wants to miss out. We are so caught up are whats going on social media. For instance if you go out for dinner look around how many tables people are on their phones. If you cant put down your phone for dinner with friends and family what makes you think you will put the cell phone down while driving. Phones have taken over the universe. Texting while driving causes you to get to close to the vehicle in front of you, not being able to brake in time, and losing control. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration texting while driving is comparable to consuming four beers( Over the Edge 2014). Is that text/phone call while driving really worth a life? Example when driving down the interstate usually one runs into one of the big billboards and last week it read: 222 TRAFFIC DEATHS THIS YEAR, GET YOU HEAD OUT OF YOUR APPS AND DRIVE…show more content…
They are inexperiences which makes them a risky driver. According to one source, 47 percent of teenagers think they can text blindfolded(Gardner 2010). You throw cell phones on top of that it’s asking for trouble. A recent survey found that 51.4 percent of surveyed drivers between the ages of 16 to 19 have admitted to texting and driving(Gardner 2010). Furthermore nearly 100 percent of drivers agree that driving and texting increases chance of being in a car accident. Most drivers think that they are not the problem. The biggest thing to remember no text message is worth my life or another persons life. It takes honesty but I will not sign an online pledge to never text and drive because I would break it within a week. Another astounding fact is nearly 75 percent of teens admit that their friends text and drive. Many drivers blame others and think they are invincible. Dr.Steinberg explains why teens do it. “It’s hard for teens to rest checking messages.” he says. “Teens are so eager to fit in. They fear missing out. It takes real confidence in oneself to ‘unplug”(Scholastic action
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