Cell Phones And The Cell Phone Essay

Cell Phones And The Cell Phone Essay

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As time passes by technology grows faster and faster. The most important kind of technology to many people is the cell phone. People bring their cell phones everywhere they go and use it on a daily basis. Cell phones has many advantages and disadvantages. Cell phones have been around for quite some time now, but as time goes on, cell phones continue to gain many features. A cell phone started out as just a simple device that only had numbers, and most people used them for emergencies only. Nowadays, cell phones have many features such as: phone calls, text messaging, accessing the internet, sending emails, taking pictures, using calculators, an alarm clock, and many more. Cell phones are used daily for many reasons beyond emergencies.
Where did the cell phone come from? The idea for cell phones have been around for a lot longer than the technology to provide them was. “As soon as the first landlines came into use, people had the idea of improving the convenience and complexity of this new communication medium, and bringing it to new areas, such as cars.” Sayush, from Singapore Guide Street Directory says. “At first, cell phones were little more than two way portable radios, but as technology improved, the concepts behind cell phones improved rapidly.” On April 3rd, 1973, Martin Cooper placed the world’s first mobile phone call. To his rival, no less.
There are many advantages to having a cell phone. Michelle McGriff from Techwalla mentions, “Keeping in touch with one another is as simple as pushing a button.” When you can’t talk, cell phones make communication with the use of text messaging. Keeping in touch has never been easier. Cell phones fit in your purse or your back pocket. Which means, anywhere you go, your phone go...

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...obile phone subscribers in 1993 to 223 million in 2006, almost twenty times in thirteen years. This implies that now, a much higher number of people are exposed to these harmful radiations than thirteen years back. Although not yet completely proven, mobile phones are also associated with a number of other ailments such as cancer, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, headaches and sleep disturbance to name a few. [24]
Majority of us are mobile phone users and it is important to be educated about the risks and benefits of mobile phone usage. While there are a number of disadvantages of mobile phones, their benefits usually outweigh the negatives. Caution should be exercised when using mobile phones while driving and in offices and schools. However after taking into account of all these facts, it is easy to say that cell phones bring a whole new comfort in our lives.

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