Essay about Causes of World War I: Germany

Essay about Causes of World War I: Germany

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World War I was a war between the allies, which included Russia, France, Serbia, and Great Britain, against the central powers of Europe; Germany and Austria. When war broke out between Austria and Serbia in 1914, the alliance system drew the other European countries into the war; consequently the rest of the world was brought into the conflict. In the early twentieth century, Germany was witnessing a prospering economy alongside an increased sense of national pride. With the growing economy, Germany began to make progress in the Arms Race and in the development of their navy. Under the control of William II, Germany made a series of unlawful decisions that added to the animosity between European superpowers. With the introduction of weltpolitik, Germany ruined its relationships with other countries, such as Britain, France and Russia. With increased nationalism, Germany started to feel more powerful, as a result they began to conquer more land in continents such as Africa. Consequently, this created conflict between powers that had preexisting claim to the African colonies. In the end, German imperialism, nationalism, progress in the Arms Race and increasing naval strength greatly led to the outbreak of World War I.
During the years between 1900 and 1914, many European powers were in the process of strengthening their military. Each country wanted to have a military that would be stronger compared to those of other countries. By 1914, Germany had increased their military by 73% in terms of equipment and weaponry in relation to the 1910 levels. Germany expanded their navy by building ships, such as the Dreadnoughts and Battle Cruisers. Furthermore, they developed a Naval Law in 1900 that stated that their navy would double in...

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...s neighbors through a series of unjustified actions, paved a way for a conflict that found the whole world involved.

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