The Causes for Global Warming

The Causes for Global Warming

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Global warming means the rise in the mean global temperature to a level which affects the life-forms on the earth surface. The factors responsible for this warming may be both natural and human induced. For the past centuries human reaction with an environment for industrialization was bad for the betterment of their livelihood pollution level increased which is caused largely by human activities. Therefore significant evidences of global warming due to green house gas, increased in global temperature, increase in sea level, and retreat of Himalayan glaciers are based on human induced.
Wright and Broose says that enough access to food, water and energy for survival, people are compelled to utilize the resources to fulfill the standard of living, there is disturbance to the natural balance of environment by burning fossil fuels and releasing greater amount of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere.(Wright&Broose,2011) In this regard deforestation which depletes environment and the efficiency by which carbon dioxide is stored and oxygen released by the green plants are decreased to a huge rate in turn causing increased concentration of carbon dioxide that leads to increased greenhouse effect. According to Miller and Spoolman; Cleaning of toxic carbon monoxide to non toxic carbon dioxide by ecosystem are no more happening because natural ecosystem are depleted and exposure of CO2 in the air will disturbs the balance of green house gas enabling the earth to warm. (Miller & Douglas.2007.). Human contributing in the emission of green house gases which includes carbon dioxide, methane and other toxic gases have been the warming elements as state in the report on IPCC to warm the atmosphere. (IPCC, 2007). Green house that maintains the earth at a comfortable temperature range, basically due to the proper carbon dioxide balance in to the atmosphere is not happening today. Ramanatham and Feng states that manufacturing industries to produce goods needs fossil fuels to run the engine and people using automobiles emits large amount of black carbon in the air, and there is no green ecosystem to absorb the CO2 which was emitted by human activities. This has created greater percentage of energy to warm planet by more than 2% (Ramanathan, & Feng, 2008).
The use of natural environment without proper management for the future uses by humans can deplete the balanced ecosystem that will have negative impact on the performance of the system.

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In present scenario with the warming of the earth, rich vegetations with biotic communities are less and some went to the extinction, as a result there is less consumption of CO2 emitted by humans with activities. Naeem says that, the depletion of Natural vegetation with animal and plant species would further add CO2 in the atmosphere which will cause global warming of the earth. (Naeem, 1994).
The temperature increased, people are experiencing the rise in temperature and accordingly the report by New South Wales government states that the average temperature is risen with an average 0.740C since 1900. (New South Wales Government, 2010). The less green vegetation helps in absorbing the CO2 and releases oxygen.According to BBC; concentrations of carbon dioxide which are due to human activities are in abundance because there is no Vegetation to act as carbon sink. (BBC, 2010). The report in the NASA states that, the short ultraviolet rays from the sun to the earth and long infra rays back from the earth are trapped with polluted atmosphere with excess of carbon dioxide and causes global warming. (NASA, 2011). According to Richardson, the increase in surface temperature by 0.80C since mid nineteenth century was due to the disturbance in the reflection of infra rays of the sun with excess accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Richardson, 2011). IPCC report, 2007 also states that the human induced emission was one of the main reasons in increasing the global temperature and it was said that it will keep on increasing for the years to come if no concrete measure is initiated.
An increase in temperature made the earth to warm and the frozen ice cap started to melt, the occurrence of glaciers retreat and other frozen grounds. There was more flow of rivers and floods with the melting of snows. According to the report of IPCC; the research was done in the year1961 to 2003 and 1993 to 2003 to measure the sea level rise. In the year 1961 to 2003 the rise of sea level was at the rate of 1.8m/year and it was on an average. Similarly, data was also analyzed from 1993 to 2003 and came to the conclusion that there was 3.1m increase in sea level yearly (IPCC, 2007). Looking at it, there was more melting of snow with an increase in the flow of water to the sea which was mainly because of global warming happening in the short period of time that made sea level to rise. (Church& White, 2006). Church notes that the increase in sea level was due the melting of frozen ice and floods with runoff that caused the sea level to increase and it was human activities that played the role in making the earth warm.
With this People should be reminded that they share the earth and its resources with the other species that keep the ecosystem balanced, if the balance is gone then the life of every single species is threatened and even humans will not be spared from this. Planting trees is a very good start that can help diluting the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Working together can make a difference.

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