The Cause Of World War II Essay

The Cause Of World War II Essay

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The Cause of World War II
The outbreak of the Second World War was due, in my opinion to one definitive action, the worlds lenience towards aggressive actions by both Japan, and Nazi Germany. The mindset of the Allied powers was peace, because they were so strict to this concept they would ignore the evil actions of these countries.
September 19, 1931, Japan would plant a bomb on a train track that would cause very minimal damage, they would blame it on China and invade China only days later. The fact of the matter was that Japan had an extreme racism towards the Chinese people, and the Japanese empire had and extreme view to not only grow and conquer land to expand the empire, but they also were in need of the resources to grow their military might even stronger, things like oil, metals, any natural resource they could retain. In July of 1937 the Marco Polo Bridge Incident occurred, where a Japanese army battalion was conducting a training exercise, it was reported that a few unrecognizable shots were fired, at first this was ignored and thought to be nothing until the next day when one soldier was reported missing with absolutely no understanding or investigation into it the Japanese battalion immediately blamed the Chinese, saying they kidnapped their soldier, the Chinese knew nothing about the soldier nor did they kidnap him. This would lead to Japan invading China and starting their horrific voyage through China.
After the battle of Shanghai the Japanese military was enraged so when they reach Nanking they were gonna take out their anger in the only way they new how, killing Chinese people this would lead to one of the worst atrocity known to man. The Rape of Nanking is what it is now called Japanese soldiers raped...

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...gain territory. At the same time the Franco-Polish military Alliance was passed stating that if Germany invaded Poland, England and France would declare war on Germany which they would, the problem with that was they didn 't do anything about it until September 3rd . At that time they would just begin to assemble their powers they externally did nothing for Poland and wouldn 't even fight back until many weeks later.
The reoccurring statement about my essay is that with all the aggressive actions and the horrific slaughtering of people these countries conceived in, the Allie powers continued to act like everything was okay and because of this these countries who could of easily been stopped grew to a power that we soon found out was much stronger than we believed. You cannot ignore evil and not expect it to grow in strength or just disappear, that will never happen.

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