Cattle Decapitation Or Human Annihilation Essay

Cattle Decapitation Or Human Annihilation Essay

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Cattle Decapitation or Human Annihilation
Do you know how factory farms affect your health, the world around you, and your children 's future? Factory farms are one of the major leading causes of pollution ,which causes a great amount of problems. The animals produced by the masses on these factory farms are extremely exploited and treated inhumanely. The methane from tons of animal manure is causing detrimental global warming. Global warming is affecting much more than the temperature, its damaging crops, species of animals are going extinct, and humans are having health problems. Raising livestock requires a great amount of land ,including animal habitats and rainforests that used to nourish the planet. Factory farms have the U.S. food production industry rite where they want them, using abusive tactics that maximize agribusiness profits at the cost of the environment, the communities we live in, animal welfare, and even our health.
Factory farms are a colossal industrial operation that produces animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, and turkeys by the masses for consumption. In the article “ Factory Farming” by the Voiceless they say “ The purpose of intensive farming is simply to produce the most meat, eggs, and dairy at the lowest cost possible.” (Voicless. "Factory Farming." Https:// The Voiceless, 3 Dec. 2014. Web. 4 Apr. ) When they say the lowest cost possible this means everything about the production of animal products has less quality. To lower cost they use outrageous tactics that exploit the animals and the employees that work for the colossal industry. One way the lower the cost is by cramming herds of animals into small spaces where they can 't even move. The a...

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...ute to land, air and water pollution in the surrounding areas.” The land it takes to factory farms is extremely valuable and once a farm has been put on it we can never get that land back. Animals on factory farms create methane with causes global warming ,which impacts everything in a bad way.
As I stated in the beggining Factory farms have the U.S. food production industry rite where they want them, using abusive tactics that maximize agribusiness profits at the cost of the environment, the communities we live in, animal welfare, and even our health. I believe the factory farming industry needs to be extremely regulated. People need to be more educated about the the products they consume because it can have a negative impact on many other important aspects of life. To make a difference all it takes is knowledge of the problem and taking action in your own way.

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