Case Study : Thomas Green 's Theory Essay

Case Study : Thomas Green 's Theory Essay

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Thomas Green was experiencing a growth point in his seven month history as Senior Market Specialists at Dynamic Displays. The division Vice President Shannon McDonald had requested a written statement from Green giving his perspective on resolving performance discrepancies that had developed and he was already forgetting her instructions and wondering if he should schedule a meeting with her to explain the situation. Somehow Green needs to assess the train wreck that has developed in his career and effectively translate an action plan to correct the situation before he loses his job. (Beckham, 2008)
The problem had been expressed to Green from McDonald when she warned him that his future boss, Marketing Director Frank Davis, not only held but intended to fill the position that Green was walking into with someone other than him. (Beckham, 2008, p. 3) Why would McDonald intentionally put Green in a politically tenuous position that would actively obstruct him? Clearly McDonald was impressed with the productivity levels of Green the account executive. The case states that McDonald took an active interest in Green’s development. (Beckham, 2008, p. 3) McDonald also stated that she was looking for a change agent for her group and pinned high hopes on his energy levels and exuberance. McDonald also expressed a great deal of concern in Green’s ability to maintain his exuberance, lacking the managerial training or experience. Green unfortunately, does not heed the advice of McDonald when she instructs him to search for the direction and guidance of more experienced managers in similar positions. Green doesn’t seem to hear or heed to detailed instructions clearly expressed to him throughout this case study. This could be an ADHD symp...

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...nothing but improve the feeling of despair that Green feels at work. (Beckham, 2008, p. 5)
Hardship and change often times spur growth or demise; this is true in nature as much as it is in business. Thomas Green has reached the pinnacle of his career as a salesman, given the opportunity to level-up; he must now decide whether or not his abilities to adapt are as strong as his motivation to succeed. Is he willing to stop doing all the things that allowed him to succeed as an individual and relearn what it takes to succeed as a leader? Great performers must have the emotional intelligence and self-awareness that allows them to adapt and evolve the skill sets needed to become great leaders. (Goleman, 2000, p. 5) Green must choose to start listening to what is required from those that he reports to so he can become the leader that is needed by those that report to him.

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