Essay about Case Study : Southern Arizona University

Essay about Case Study : Southern Arizona University

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My TAPP Experience
Madison Ginsberg
Northern Arizona University

My twenty five hours of community service were attained at the Teenage Parent Program or TAPP, at Summit High School here in Flagstaff. My experience was one I will look back on when I am older. TAPP made a difference in my life and I helped someone else’s in the process.
1: Setting, Agency Name, Address, Phone Number
The Teenage Parent Program or “TAPP” is located inside Summit High School, which is in a small neighborhood across from the Flagstaff Mall. It is in a few classrooms in the back left part of Summit High school. There is the main classroom which has a kitchen, a bathroom, two offices, tables and chairs, and a back computer lab that also has a baby play area. The other classroom has another area for a daycare for the kids to be watched at everyday while the students are in class. Summit High School is located at 4000 N. Cummings Street in Flagstaff, Arizona 86004. Their phone number is (928)-773-4101.
2: Mission & Types of Services the Agency Provides
The Teenage Parent Program is an extremely helpful program at Summit High School, which allows for the students with children or who are pregnant, to continue with their education. They work hard in school with online classes and regular classes, while also taking care of their children. “The Teenage Parent Program is an alternative education program within the Flagstaff Unified School District. This program is for pregnant and parenting teens who want to continue their education while remaining close to their babies”, this is the main focus of the program according to their website. The agency provides help to those teens that need the extra help. They give their kids bottles, cl...

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...t in the Field of Social Work
I think I will continue on the social work path in the future. I am thinking of changing my major to social work and having a minor in law. I want to work with macro social work and deal with big organizations and/or deal with policy making. While working with one on one with people in a micro situation was fun, I think I can make a bigger impact on people and the community if I go into macro social work. I want to make a big impact and change things so that people truly get equal opportunities and get more help when they need it in the home.
In conclusion my experience at the TAPP program was a very insightful one. I learned a lot about myself and this particular community. TAPP I loved working at Summit High School and working with this community. In the future I hope to impact more people’s lives in macro social work.

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