My Child And Erikson's Theory Of Child Development

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Looking back on my childhood experiences and influences I can certainly say that my grandmother had the biggest impact on my development, she influenced my relationship with God and showed me how to live as a Christian woman. She would take me church every Sunday and sometimes I would stay at her house when my parents’ house was not suitable for children, which happened often, because of the chaos and dysfunction of a household that ran on alcohol and drugs. My grandmother gave me reason to live, when there was no will. As a young child navigating the community and school systems on my own, I was often left to my own devices. I was bullied and teased much throughout my school years and I ended up dropping out of school in 9th grade after my…show more content…
There are eight stages in Erikson’s theory that progress from each stage of development. Erikson believed that if a person did not pass one stage in his or her development that they could not move on successfully to the next stage, thus causing psychological issues. He also believed that nature is the determining factor for the order of the stages, however it is in the nurturing, that one develops and grows his or her own personality and through watching and learning from others (Muskingum College, 1997). I believe that had it not been for my grandmother’s nurturing influence I would not have progressed to each stage through my childhood and adolescence and in part I would have been held back from entering into the adulthood stages. Another developmental researcher by the name of Harland (2002) believed that demographic variables, family factors and life events were relative to the risk for children in the areas of behavioral and emotional problems (Harland, 2002). While I believe this to be true for many people, it is not always the case. I feel that the nurturing of a child, no matter the inborn traits or family dynamics of said child, can mold their personality and still allow them to thrive in an environment that is not fit for a child. They learn to adapt and do the best with what they have. Although this is not always true either, sometimes the traits of a child are so…show more content…
One lady I spoke to came from a broken home, but her mother was a hard worker and provided the necessities for her family and was able to be a constant in her life, however this lady became an alcoholic just like her father was and he was rarely in the picture. She had many behavior problems that got her in trouble with various people like teachers, counselors and the law. This is different from my situation because my mother and step father did not work or provide the constant necessities or support needed to survive. I feel that I learned a lot just by watching the people around me and decided that I did not want to be like them. The next lady I spoke to had two working parents and was left to care for her siblings many times when a regular sitter was not available, so in turn she had to grow up in a hurry and not be able to enjoy her childhood normally. I have more in common with her because growing up at a rapid pace when you have no choice can cause regrets, relationship problems, detestation for other family members and a need to be more independent than one’s peers. Family dysfunction in any type of environment can cause mental and physical health issues that can stay with a person throughout their life time, but it is in how one thinks of themselves that gets them past the stigma that come along with being
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