Case Study : New Jersey, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner Essay

Case Study : New Jersey, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner Essay

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In Camden, New Jersey, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner is pioneering efforts to improve healthcare delivery through medical “hotspotting” (Doctor Hotspot, 2011), the geographical mapping of patient healthcare costs using computational statistics (Gawande, 2011). Medical hotspotting enables communities to identify residents receiving the worst health care by identifying hotspots of high medical costs and frequent emergency room visits (Gawande, 2011). As with all macro level change, Dr. Brenner pursued his goal of improving health care through a process of planning. His process closely follows the IMAGINE Model outlined by Kirst-Ashman and Hull (2012).
The first step in the IMAGINE Model is to “start with an innovative idea” (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2012, p. 219). Motivated for change following a murder in Camden, Dr. Brenner joined a police reform commission. Dr. Brenner attempted to implement crime hotspotting in Camden by recommending the police department create “crime maps” (Gawande, 2011). When the police department would not comply with Dr. Brenner’s recommendation, Dr. Brenner collected data from billing records provided by three Camden hospitals and created his own crime maps. From the data, Dr. Brenner was able to map areas with the highest crime rates based on emergency room visits for assault related injuries (Gawande, 2011). Dr. Brenner advocated for “policies that would let the Camden police chief assign shifts based on the crime statistics” (Gawande, 2011). Ultimately without the support of the police unions, the reform commission dispersed without the police department implementing Dr. Brenner’s hotspotting model. Although Dr. Brenner’s original idea was unable to gain support (the second step in the IMAGINE Model), Dr...

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...ders, 2015b). As of October 2015, the randomized controlled trials have accomplished half of their target goal (Camden Coalition, 2015b). When completed, the randomized controlled testing will be a more scientific method of evaluating the Hotspotting Model.
The Hotspotting model, while an excellent way of improving Healthcare delivery, is most effective when dealing with smaller populations like Camden, New Jersey. It would not be as effective in metropolitan cities like Atlanta, New York City, or Chicago. Dr. Brenner suggests that large cities would have to split into smaller focal areas. The Hotspotting Model works best in smaller cities like Pensacola, Florida (“Jeffrey C. Brenner,” 2013). In fact, Pensacola’s Sacred Heart Hospital is a part of a local Accountable Care Organization called the Gulf Coast Health Partners (

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