Essay Case Study : Business Model Innovation

Essay Case Study : Business Model Innovation

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4. Conceptualizing business model innovation

The conceptualisation of the business model innovation is focused on three main concepts, they are value creation, Business system and value capture. The conceptualization of the business model innovation is that defining the new forms of the business model and depict characteristics and analysing the occurrence of the innovation in the business models to develop the business organisations.

Value creation is one of the conceptualisation, it defines for whom the business company creates the value. Value proposition is one of the main element for the good business model. For the online shopping business companies the merchant business model is the effective model, which deal with many values like different products, prices and different type of customers. So value creation in conceptualization is effective for the merchant business model, Threadless is the

Online apparel store which deals with many clients in different location, they do product searches and so sorted list of the products is given to the customers. The value of creation in the online business company deals mainly with the buyer’s willingness to pay for the products and opportunity cost for the suppliers. The business organisation can able to create more value of creation by increasing the willingness to pay for the customers or reducing the opportunist cost for the supplier. The end customer is the main element where the value of creation is totally depend upon for producing the total cost. The value creation is the best conceptualization for the business model innovation for the business companies using the merchant business model and the company like Threadless online apparel store.

The Business system is anoth...

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