Essay On Innovation Management

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1).Innovation Management:Innovation Management is the form of looking into future, of being creative, imaginative .It is used in the growth of product and also organizational innovation. It also includes tools which allows higher management & engineers to communicate with basic understanding of goals and its processes .Its main focus is to allow the organization to react quickly occurring within an organization, using its efforts to implement new ideas or its products. It also involves persons in contributing to the development of the companies manufacturing and also its marketing. Through development also innovation process can be done. There are two types of process involved in innovation management one is pulled and the other is pushed. Pushed process is the one in which the organization uses its technology to discover profitable applications. Pulled process is the one in which the focus is mainly in developing the efforts to find the solutions. There are two phases in innovation management .First phase includes design of the innovation and second phase includes the implementation. Internal bench marking can be established to measure the innovation. Managers should focus on ones attention on innovation cause to be necessary to infer something from information received on the complexity. There are eight phases in Innovation Management Process. Setting goals for Process, Cooperation of the Process, Combination of the ideas, Evaluation, Testing ideas of Innovation Process, Execution of Implementing Innovation Process ,Estimation of lifecycle. Setting goals for Process: Process of innovating goals starts with setting a goal. It is based on the action of finding some answer to the problem. Cooperation of the Process: Innovati... ... middle of paper ... ...he organization. The output of the design group’s efforts is detailed drawing and other specifications, which assist the succeeding groups for effective usage of the raw materials into a finished product. This information is also important for the product designers to recommend the correct machines, processes and procedures. Thus,horizontal and vertical communication should be encouraged throughout the length and breadth of the organization. This ensures easy flow of information. Change of management: In any organizations management would have to contend with any unavoidable changes that might take place. New machines, equipment, unstable business environment etc. can bring these changes. Successful implementation of the product therefore depends on the ability of the management to deal with the changes and resolve any emerging conflicts there from.
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