Case Study : After Stressful Changes Young Adult Suffers From Anorexia Nervosa

Case Study : After Stressful Changes Young Adult Suffers From Anorexia Nervosa

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Psych 139
Spring 2016
Case Study #2

Case Study: After stressful changes young adult suffers from anorexia nervosa
Jody is a 19-year-old female who has been through a lot of change: she has completed her freshman year of college miles away from home and her parents recently became divorced. Due to high conflict throughout the divorce Jody’s anxiety levels have heightened, especially when thinking about or talking to her parents and Jody’s grades also began to decline. She has been seeking help from the school-counseling center and with her free time plays club volleyball. Jody started going to the gym more to get into shape and started liking the results, which escalated into working out more than necessary, and restricting her diet. She is now underweight and can no longer exercise because she becomes dizzy within a few minutes. Her menstrual cycle has also stopped. After returning home for the summer she lost a total of 70 pounds, her mother saw and was extremely concerned.
After careful review of Jody’s symptoms and physical complications I have come to the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa has many different symptoms. Some of those include restriction of food intake, intense fear of gaining weight, disturbed perception of weight/shape or lack of recognition of seriousness of current low body weight. Jody has all of these. She has failed to see how serious her weight loss has been. She is also restricting her eating to only 400 calories a day. As a result of always been over weight Jody has become more confident because of the compliments she has been receiving. Anorexia has developed as a result of all of the stress that she has been put under. It is typical for a teenager to undergo a great deal of ch...

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... to eat. Rather than going through a program that will force food upon her, she can gradually eat back the weight she has lost. I do think that she should maintain a healthy diet after going through the therapy and even during because it will make her feel better physically rather than eating fast food. I think that therapy and antidepressants are important because it will help her work through the eating disorder as well as her underlying problems. I do not see it fit that she should attend a refeeding program because of her underlying problems. This process can cause serious medical problems and Jody has not been fully examined by a medical professional. In the case that there are more serious medical problems I believe that she should be kept in the hospital for a longer period of time that way she can gain weight back and take care of her other health conditions.

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