The Career Path Of Pharmacy Essay

The Career Path Of Pharmacy Essay

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As I have grown up and experienced college, I have encountered numerous people and fellow students aspired to become engineers and doctors, all eager to become esteemed members of the community because of the status such careers bring. I, however, have always been drawn to the career path of pharmacy and becoming a contributing member of my community in that particular outlet. A pharmacy is in many ways a pillar of a community’s overall health and wellbeing as well as a valuable resource for medical and insurance related information. As a young person, I had always wondered what went on behind the high desks and cabinets in a pharmacy. I was always drawn and curious about the science and technology that was just behind those barriers that would ultimately bring good health to many patients every day. This is what peaked my interested in striving to become a pharmacist, specifically an independent community pharmacist. This will allow me to reach as many people as I can and help encourage good health and wellbeing in the lives of those in my community. By becoming an independent community pharmacist, I will be able to offer the highest quality of care I can while being at the core of the community promoting good health and safety in terms of educating the public and consumers about dealing with prescription medicines. In order to experience the disciple of pharmacy first hand, I began work at a small pharmacy in the city of Astoria in Queens, New York.
I have been working as a pharmacy technician at a local, independently-owned pharmacy for over two years, since June 2013. This work experience really opened my eyes to how much I can help my community in the future by becoming a pharmacist and serving my local community. My interes...

... middle of paper ... to serve the public in the best manner I can. I would not hesitate to challenge the status quo to ensure that I have done all I can. I believe that public service, even in the smallest way, can lead to great benefits. I have taken four semesters of Spanish because in Astoria, where I work, there is a large Spanish demographic. My ability to understand Spanish, even if it is elementary, will help me help more patients. In addition, I am majoring in Economics and I believe this will help me interpret the demand of my patients so that I can cater to their needs. Managing a successful pharmacy takes a certain type of business savvy that would require one to balance patient satisfaction and economic growth. I am passionate about a prospective career in pharmacy and becoming a pharmacist is not only my ultimate goal, but is a field that I have already shown promise in.

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