The Career Of A Professional School Counselor Essay

The Career Of A Professional School Counselor Essay

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A professional school counselor is skilled and trained to use his/her best judgment when it comes to students’ rights and confidentiality. One should behave as a professional at all times and be mindful of their behavior. One not only have to be aware of professional values they should also be knowledgeable of applying these standards as they apply to the role of the school counselor. The professional school counselor is responsible for removing barriers to learning and to advocate for change for all students. In the case study assigned for review, I will examine ethical violation as it contains to student rights, confidentiality and professionalism relationships. The school counselor lives and works in a community where one socializes among parents. The counselor whom of which is also a parent, has a child enrolled in the same school who has peer relationships with many of the students the counselor interacts with. A student the counselor is familiar with in a professional setting as well as a personal setting has come to the counselor seeking guidance on a family personal matter and to address concerns with her academics. After meeting with the student, the counselor is approached by a teacher who wants to know what information was disclosed. In such situations both the counselor and the teacher have to take into consideration the grave decisions and consequences when discussing such information in a public setting. The counselor should have taken into consideration the student’s right to privacy and confidentiality as well as professional counseling ethics and legal rights.
Many adolescents are hesitate in disclosing information to their school counselor as they fear that the information shared will be discussed with o...

... middle of paper ... to the actions. If the student parents became aware of the school counselor behavior they could go to the principal and demand that the counselor and teacher be disciplined for their actions. In this case the counselor should have act quickly and realized disclosing information would be creating dilemma in student confidentiality and right to privacy because of the dual relationship she should have applied school policies, ethics and the law and declined to share the information.

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