Career And Technical Educational Education Essay

Career And Technical Educational Education Essay

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Career and Technical Education in Independent Schools
When I think of the term vocational education I would first define it as “opportunity for all”. However, some would define it as a waste of time for intelligent students. I am change agent for vocational education also known as Career and Technical Education (CTE). More importantly, I have made it a priority to demonstrate to the community and now more importantly independent schools that CTE is critical to the future of students as well as to the success of our nation 's economic system. Most would agree that self-fulfilling employment is a fundamental feature in determining an individual 's quality of life.
I am presently a College & Career Readiness Counselor in a public high school and a member of the CTE department. I work with students that are dual enrolled in high school and college simultaneously. My students’ schedules consist of 2-3 high school courses they leave early and go to the local community college and take 1-2 college courses. The students receive college credit and high school credit for their college courses. The students are required to have at least a 3.0 GPA and enrolled in 11th or 12th grade in order to participate in this program.

My passion is to see students succeed and to move them to the next stage in their lives.
This is why this job is perfect for me, I consider myself a “transition counselor”. I know I am making a difference because after students have graduated they come back and tell me how this program exposed them to opportunities they would have never had if it were not for this program. For example, one of my students participated in a CTE automotive program during his senior year. Now as a high school graduate he is enrolled in a...

... middle of paper ... from independent school parents. Ultimately, we (public school) would be willing to invite the parents to the same college and career fair.
Why CTE is Important
Many individuals do not realize that CTE improve our nation 's global competitiveness, which in turn helps with economic growth. That gives the United States a guaranteed prepared workforce. It engages students in active participation, hands on learning and provides opportunity for personalized learning. I have witnessed firsthand in my work experience that it motivates the unmotivated students while preparing them for real jobs. It also prepares students to be productive citizens immediately because, upon graduation from high school some of my students have obtained jobs in high technology fields making more money than me. More importantly, the skills they learn in their CTE classes are portable.

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