Essay on Capitalism : The New Economy

Essay on Capitalism : The New Economy

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The New Economy
Capitalism can be traced back to the 13th century when the merchant appears; these men were spending their money in order to make more money. They were investing, a fundamental principle of capitalism. Investing is a principle that was inspired by joint-stock companies. This is where several individuals invest in a major project with the goal of sharing in the profit. These partnerships with multiple people eventually lead to the most valuable tool in America’s economy, the corporation. A corporation is an entity that represents a group of people partaking in business. Corporations are used to act as a legal barrier between the individuals running it and anyone who might threaten a business legally. Capitalism can be taken advantage of and used to oppress other people; but the world has learned that with a combination of a government that represents the people and an economy that requires individual labor and responsibility that the results are a prospering society. Today, particularly in America, we see a version of capitalism that has been refined for over half a millennia, this is democratic capitalism. Democratic capitalism is the best structure for a economy because of its statistical dominance, Advancement in society, and its moral superiority to other economic systems.
In order to measure how good an economic structure is, the gross domestic product (GDP) of countries using the system need to be compared to others. The World is dominated by capitalism because countries everywhere are realizing the benefits. It is no coincidence that the top 5 GDP contributing nations are some form of capitalist. At number 2 on the list is China, with a market value of 11 billion. This is very important because of the correl...

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... to make as much money as they justly can. Moral Governments should not hold the people 's money because of the power it gives. The power of a country should be grounded in the poeple.

Capitalism may not have a perfect history, but under a democracy it has become a driving force for financial growth, Advancement in society, and moral government and economy. Overtime capitalism has developed into the economy of the present and the future. Nations globally are realizing the benefits of having a productive and powerful citizens. The people of the world constantly wants to improve their lives through better products and more money. Responsibility and independence may not look so good for the future, but we can only hope it will improve. There are still things that need to be adjusted to make capitalism better, but In the future we might see a better world because of it.

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